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2020 11 03

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  • New distance learning for perfusers, nurses and midwives

(Information by the Center of Excellence of Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Specialists)

We invite nurses general practitioners, midwives and perfusionists to join a new distance learning course “Topicalities of transfusion of blood, its components and preparations” (4 pm).

  •  Nursing Perceptions and Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic.

(Michailas Aizenas)

The publication is based on Shu-Ching Chen, Yeur-Hur Lai, Shiow-Luan Tsay. Nursing Perspectives on the impacts of COVID-19. JNR Nursing Research, 2020 (

  •  Evaluations of Nursing Students' Knowledge of Peripheral Veins Catheter Care

(Diana Janiušina, Lina Spirgienė)

Nursing students of the year II and IV had sufficient knowledge of peripheral venous catheter care. Nursing students of the year IV obtained better knowledge about the duration of insertion of peripheral vein catheter, catheter fixation, use of medical gloves during redressing of peripheral vein catheter insertion site, while nursing II students knew more about the inspection of a peripheral vein catheter and about signs of infection after insertion of a peripheral vein catheter.

  •  Lithuanian Medical Library news

(Janina Valančiūtė)

The latest publications are presented to healthcare professionals by the Lithuanian Medical Library.


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