Lithuanian publications 1930-2016


The origins and development of Lithuanian periodicals intended for nurses is presented in this chapter. It should be noted that the occurrence of periodicals intended for Lithuanian nurses are related to the founding of the Lithuanian Nurses’ Union in 1921. Sofija Smetonienė, the wife of the President of the Lithuania, was a patron of the Union. The first journal for nurses in the Lithuanian language, “The Lithuanian Nurse” (“Lietuvos sesuo”) was published in 1930-1931. This magazine focused mostly on the everyday life of Lithuanian nurses and the daily activities of the Lithuanian Nurses’ Union; articles related to professional activities of nurses were also published. In 1931 name of the magazine was changed and it was now called “Nurse” (“Gailestingoji sesuo”); it’s editor in chief was K. Grinienė.  The journal paid great attention to the issues of international nursing activities, cooperation between nurses’ professional organizations, as well as dissemination of good practice. In 1938, Lithuanian Red Cross Nurses Society also began to publish their journal. Only two issues of the magazine were published providing information about peculiarities of nursing professions and working environment, about the activities of hospitals, and mother and child care centers. However, the publication of journal was terminated due to financial problems. A general trend could be noticed in the independent Lithuania: every social and professional group sought to publish its own journal. However, some of these publications were short-living; sometimes only one issue of a magazine was published. During this time significant opportunities to publish specialized periodicals for nursing professionals opened up. However, organizational and financial problems did not allow for the development of full-scale publishing activities in this field.

After World War II a number of specialized state newspapers and weekly newspapers emerged. Professional journals and bulletins and continuous publications covering issues of various scientific and economy areas were published. In 1956 Ministry of Health initiated the publication of a monthly journal “Healthcare” (“Sveikatos apsauga”) which presented the issues on the theory and practice of medicine, hygiene and public health, pharmacy and pharmacology, history and deontology. This journal was in circulation until the restoration of the Independence of Lithuania, and for more than 30 years it was the only publication intended for healthcare professionals. However, the demand for specialized magazine for nurses and midwives became obvious. Nurses were given an opportunity not only to travel and improve their skills, but also to find out more about a wide range of publications for nurses and midwives. In 1996, the Center for Training and Specialization of Nurses (presently Center of Excellence of Healthcare and Pharmacy Specialists (Director Juozas Ruolia, person responsible for this publication Loreta Gudelienė Gudelevičienė, Head of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Public Relations) undertook an initiative to develop such a journal. In January 1997, the first issue of the specialized newspaper for nursing professionals “Šalpusnis” came out. These small publications evolved into a respectable scientific journal “Nursing. Science and Practice” („Slauga. Mokslas ir praktika“).
No specialized periodicals for nurses were published between the post-war period and 1997. In2001-2008 sporadic specialized publications were in circulation.